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Commitment to the Alignment of Client Interests

          1. Client-Centric Trading: We never trade against our clients’ orders, ensuring fairness and transparency in all transactions.

       2. No Front-Running: Our commitment to integrity means we never           engage in front-running client orders, preserving trust and integrity in the market.

         3. Secure Asset Handling: Client tokens and coins are never                       rehypothecated, providing peace of mind and security for our clients’ assets.

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H2cryptO is the Next Generation cryptocurrency exchange. Our client service department is available live 24/7/365 for support. Help is here!

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Our Trading Pairs

We support a variety of the most popular trading pairs

With billions of dollars flowing into the global cryptocurrency market every day, the role of crypto exchanges is now more important than ever. Digital currency investments are set to outperform traditional assets and securities in the potential for wealth generation. But to safely invest your money into the crypto market and meet your investment objectives, you need a reliable crypto exchange.

With H2cryptO, you have access to advanced features not available even at the top global crypto exchanges. Our industry-leading live client support is a compelling reason in itself to consider H2cryptO for all your virtual currency trading needs. No wonder H2cryptO is fast becoming the world’s favorite crypto exchange. Clients worldwide are choosing us over other exchanges. Read More





Our Foundational Four Pillars

These are our core values; what makes H2cryptO unique and the unwavering principles that we will never compromise.

Unparalleled Client Support

H2cryptO is proud to pioneer a groundbreaking initiative in the crypto exchange landscape by offering real-time, human client support 24/7/365. Bid farewell to the frustration of navigating through impersonal platforms; our dedicated support team ensures that users receive prompt assistance and guidance, eliminating the phenomenon of “ghosting” prevalent in many exchanges.




Non-Custodial Centralized Exchange

We have forged a strategic partnership with a US-Chartered Trust Company to serve as both our banking and crypto custodial entity. This ensures that all client funds, whether in fiat or cryptocurrency, are securely held by an independent institution, safeguarding them from any internal access by H2cryptO team members.



Deep Liquidity and Tight Spreads

H2cryptO boasts extensive liquidity and tight spreads, owing to our integration with over 40 global liquidity providers. These include market-makers, OTC desks, liquidity pools, and select exchanges, enabling us to offer users a seamless trading experience with optimal market depth and efficiency.



Experienced Leadership

Our executive team brings a wealth of collective experience exceeding 50 years to the table. Led by a CEO with three decades of tenure in Traditional Finance (TradFi) at prestigious institutions such as Merrill Lynch, Permal, Man Group, and BlackRock, alongside a CIO possessing two decades of expertise in technology and security domains working with such institutions as the State of California government and City of Hope cancer institution, we ensure a leadership cadre characterized by maturity, professionalism, and industry acumen.