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Peace of mind is incomparable, and when it comes to your investments and account information, security is priceless. Beyond amazing support, we utilize numerous security protocols geared to provide the safest access across all our platforms and interfaces.



H2cryptO uses a valid HTTPS certificate. Your browser will automatically confirm this by displaying a lock in the address bar. Certificates protect you from eavesdropping on your connection by ensuring that whatever transactions you make on H2cryptO remain private and secure.

Password Policy

We do not allow a weak password for your protection. We ask for 12 characters because it will be that much harder for anyone else but you to guess. A secure password requires a combination of lower case and upper-case letters, numbers, and special characters, thus ensuring it remains confidential.

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Having your accounts protected by 2FA is a safeguard that further enhances your password’s effectiveness adding a second layer that you must confirm when you log in, usually tied to your mobile device. Best practice is to set up two-factor Authentication via Microsoft or Google Authenticator. The way it works is, after set-up, by scanning a Q.R. code within your profile, a random number is constantly generated by these apps that you must input when logging in to your account.
Also, a PIN lock for our app on your mobile device is highly encouraged. We put the option in place for the iPhone and Android phone apps to have a four-digit pin code when the app starts up. This option adds yet another layer of security for your peace of mind.

Email Security

Phishing emails are common way cybercriminals gain access to accounts.

H2cryptO Bookmark

We strongly recommend our clients bookmark https://www.h2crypto.io/ in your browser and only use this link to access your H2cryptO account.

Lock Down Your Mobile Account

SIM swapping is an attack vector commonly used among cybercriminals to access your mobile phone through your mobile provider.

When in doubt contact H2cryptO client support:

Fraudulent client service support numbers and websites are an ongoing threat. Remember that H2cryptO will never contact you. We will send an email to schedule appointments for troubleshooting and resolving issues.

As a general rule, remember that H2cryptO will never:

• Contact you for your password, 2-step verification codes, or email access
• Contact you to install remote sign-in or remote support software on your computer
• Contact you and request to send money for resolving issues with your account
• Contact you directly to handle account support or troubleshooting issues

Download the H2cryptO app from Android/iOS app stores.

H2cryptO’s client service department is available live 24/7/365 LIVE
support to assist with any mobile related issues.
1-307-888-4H2O (4426)


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