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Onboarding and Funding Options

H2cryptO uses Know Your Client (KYC), a process to verify the identity of its clients, to prevent identity theft and financial fraud. A KYC check allows a company to better know their clients and manage risks accordingly. Once KYC verification is complete, funding can be done in a few simple steps. Get started today!


Payment methods for H2cryptO clients

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What you will need for account verification:

Government-issued photo I.D. (KYC) verification is required before adding a card.

H2cryptO will only potentially contact our clients via email, if there is an issue with their KYC (Know Your Clent) documents. Otherwise, H2cryptO will never contact our clients without our clients first contacting H2cryptO.

If you are using a debit/credit card for funding an account, please follow these steps:

    1. In Payment Methods > select Link a New Account > Debit Card.
    2. Please provide debit/credit card information.
    3. You can now purchase by selecting your card on the payment methods menu on one of the Buy pages. As a reminder, H2cryptO cannot sell cryptocurrency and have the funds sent to a card.

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