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H2cryptO is a secure centralized exchange platform that takes the guesswork out of buying, selling, and trading cryptocurrency. As the industries first exchange to offer 24/7 live support, you can rest assured that no matter what cryptocurrency you are trying to buy, sell, or trade, we are always available to help you along the way.

Trading on H2cryptO

In order to buy and sell cryptocurrency on H2cryptO, you’ll need to deposit funds into your account. Once funded, you can submit your first order!

a. Select the “Trade” module on the left hand side of the H2cryptO exchange.

Trading on H2cryptO

b. Select the correct trading pair at the top left corner of the trade page
c. Make sure that “Buy” is selected and choose “Market”, “Limit” or “Stop” order.

• Market Orders are used to buy or sell cryptocurrencies at the market’s current price available. A market order locks in a price for an immediate execution, but it does not guarantee to be the specific price.

• Limit Orders are used to buy or sell cryptocurrencies with a restriction on the maximum price to be paid or the minimum price to be received (the “limit cost”). Once the order has been filled, it will only be at the specified set limit price or better.

• Stop Orders are orders to buy or sell cryptocurrency (at market price) once the cryptocurrency has traded at a specified price. If the cryptocurrency reaches the stop price, the order becomes a market order and is filled at the next available market price. If the cryptocurrency fails to reach the stop price, the order will not be executed.

d. Once all information to process order has been reviewed the “Place Order” option can be selected.
e. Now wait for order execution and your order is complete.


Introducing H2cryptO’s Dashboard

The easy-to-use H2cryptO dashboard is catered to your trading needs delivering a seamlessly experience that is divided into multiple modules customized to fit your trading needs:

  • Easy to buy, sell and manage your cryptocurrency on the go
  • Simple one-click buy/sell button
  • Denominations of $50, $100, $200, $500, and $1,000
  • Customizable size button for more simplistic purchases and sales
  • Keeping up to date trends, build your cryptocurrency portfolio
  • Execute your trading strategy with easy-to-use tools anytime, anywhere
  • No compromising on transaction speeds, uptime and security
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