About H2cryptO

Built to solve the issues facing the Blockchain industry, H2cryptO is providing unprecedented access to support and clear concise guidance, making cryptocurrency understandable and attainable for everyone.


Why we founded H2cryptO

H2cryptO was founded in 2021 with the understanding that Cryptocurrency investors and traders need support with their Cryptocurrency accounts. We are on a global mission to make Cryptocurrency Investing and Trading easy and less intimidating for everyone in the world. We realized none of the competitors in the Cryptocurrency Exchange landscape offered LIVE 24/7/365 client support. We immediately knew we were on to something big, when we ourselves faced uncertainty with our own accounts and questions we had, yet there was nowhere to turn for help. We weren’t alone! Upon reading numerous horror stories of people and problems they faced with their Cryptocurrency accounts from being locked out of their accounts, to missing funds, to not understanding basic functions of how their accounts worked, and yet they too were unable to communicate with anyone at the respective Exchange, we knew something must be done!

We know the problem with today’s Cryptocurrency Exchange options is there is not a platform for Cryptocurrency investors to learn and understand how to open accounts, how to trade, how to keep their digital assets safe long term, and the difference between coins and the unique capabilities within the Cryptocurrency Ecosystem (Lending, Borrowing, Staking, DeFi et cetera). Until now!

H2cryptO tackles the Cryptocurrency industries largest hurdle for mass adoption, which is people find Cryptocurrency transactions stressful & unnecessarily complicated. With LIVE 24/7/365 client support H2cryptO will be there for you whenever you need us! We want to be known as the democratizing force in the industry as there is finally an Exchange Cryptocurrency investors & traders can rely on who will provide our clients with the peace of mind that has prevented them from opening, investing and or trading in Cryptocurrency until now.

Happy investing and trading and never forget, we are here for YOU!


Introducing H2cryptO’s Exchange

The easy-to-use H2cryptO exchange is catered to your trading needs delivering a seamlessly experience that is divided into multiple modules customized to fit your trading needs:

  • Easy to buy, sell and manage your cryptocurrency on the go
  • Simple one-click buy/sell button
  • Denominations of $50, $100, $200, $500, and $1,000
  • Customizable size button for more simplistic purchases and sales
  • Keeping up to date trends, build your cryptocurrency portfolio
  • Execute your trading strategy with easy-to-use tools anytime, anywhere
  • No compromising on transaction speeds, uptime and security

Stop spending your time, Start investing your time!

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