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How to Send Crypto

Crypto can be sent to other users, used to make purchases or pay bills, amongst other things. With H2cryptO, sending crypto is just a few simple steps.


Sending Bitcoin or Other Cryptocurrencies

Sending Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies is effortless. Sending cryptocurrency has been compared in the past to learning how to send an email. You can select the amount to send as well as the destination of where it will go. The main objective is to know the “address” of the recipient. A cryptocurrency wallet address looks like an alphanumeric string of characters.


Cryptocurrency wallet addresses are long, often containing 26 and 35 alphanumeric characters in length, and usually start with a 1 or 3. These addresses can be represented as a Q.R. code that you can scan in various Cryptocurrency mobile applications. Once the wallet address has been obtained (destination address), please select how much will need to be sent and complete the transaction.

There is usually a small “network cost” or “gas cost” associated and included in the total transaction. These costs are often lower than using other forms of payment such as MoneyGram or Western Union (remittances).

Cryptocurrency doesn’t have any physical borders similar to dollars, pesos, or euros do. Cryptocurrency can be sent to friends, family, or merchants overseas as easily as sending it to someone sitting next to you. Lastly, you can send crypto without sharing your personal or banking info, making it more secure.

Every type of cryptocurrency has a definitive form of address. Please make sure if you are sending Bitcoin that the address is specifically a Bitcoin address. Do not send Bitcoin to an Ethereum wallet address, as you will lose your cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency transactions can take seconds as well as several minutes to arrive from source to destination. Once the transaction is verifiable and confirmations have been completed, the amount will be present in the wallet address.

Sending and receiving Cryptocurrencies to wallet addresses is easy. It can be used with friends and family or be sent halfway across the world.


Introducing the new H2cryptO Dashboard

The easy-to-use crypto trading dashboard is catered to your trading needs delivering a seamlessly polished experience. The H2cryptO interface is divided into multiple modules customized to fit your trading needs:

  • Easy to buy, sell and manage your cryptocurrency on the go
  • Simple one-click buy/sell button
  • Denominations of $50, $100, $200, $500, and $1,000
  • Customizable size button for more simplistic purchases and sales
  • Keep up to date trends, build your cryptocurrency portfolio
  • Keep up to date trends, build your cryptocurrency portfolio
  • Execute your trading strategy with easy-to-use tools anytime, anywhere
  • No compromising on transaction speeds, uptime and security
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