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Why H2cryptO?



Why H2cryptO?

H2cryptO was founded in 2021 as a Next-Generation Cryptocurrency Exchange with the critical mission of helping Cryptocurrency Investors & Traders with their Cryptocurrency education and account knowledge. H2cryptO finds it unconscionable that First Generation Cryptocurrency Exchanges had a business model of “if we build it, they will come” and zero sense of client service. It makes no sense to the Founders of H2cryptO that people would ever give their financial institution money for one second or $1 if they knowingly knew if or when they have an issue with their account there was nowhere to turn for assistance.

Imagine if your bank balance was suddenly off the balance you knew, or you couldn’t get a transaction to go through. You receive zero communication and no response when you have tried to email, chat, or phone your financial institution. This state of affairs occurs today with Cryptocurrency Exchanges. There is zero client support. H2cryptO has read the research, and we fully understand why there is not more mass or broad adoption in Cryptocurrencies. People do not get it, they are afraid of it, and there is nowhere to turn when issues arise. Welcome to H2cryptO, the Next-Generation Cryptocurrency Exchange!

A User-Friendly Cryptocurrency Exchange

Investing in cryptocurrency has truly gone mainstream now. From hardcore crypto enthusiasts to individual investors, major companies, and financial service providers, all are turning to cryptocurrency markets for wealth creation.

As the first place to begin cryptocurrency trading, a crypto exchange has a critical role to play in the market. They are the gatekeepers to the world of cryptocurrency investing for the average investor coming from the stock market and index funds.

Unfortunately, all the major cryptocurrency exchanges are geared towards dealing with early investors and enthusiasts – knowledgeable people who don’t need extra guidance or support when they buy cryptocurrency. These platforms simply don’t have systems in place to assist new investors.

H2cryptO is the first-ever truly client-centric cryptocurrency exchange. Our core mission is to help our clients make informed financial decisions when dealing with digital assets and execute transactions securely and conveniently. We are the only centralized exchange to provide a highly-trained client service team for 24/7 support.

All Leading Digital Currencies Available

The crypto market is filled with thousands of tokens, some well-known, the rest obscure. There are significant risks involved in investing in an unknown crypto project. The majority of investors gravitate towards the established tokens for safety.

Cryptocurrency projects with high market capitalization are the ideal starting point for anyone interested in crypto investing. H2cryptO offers you a chance to invest in cryptocurrency tokens with the highest market cap.

You can browse through a catalog of blue-chip cryptocurrencies:  Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Cardano, Chainlink, Polkadot, Avalanche, Dogecoin, and Matic.  We are also constantly adding other cryptocurrencies with high market value.

At H2cryptO, you can purchase and sell cryptocurrency, try your hand at active trading, and create a diversified portfolio for long-term capital gains. Whether you want to purchase Bitcoin, Ethereum, or stablecoins such as USDC.

With us, you can purchase cryptocurrency directly using fiat currencies, bank accounts/cards, or transfers from an external wallet. Start your journey into digital asset investments with H2cryptO!

World-Class Cryptocurrency Exchange with 24/7/365 Live Support

The cryptocurrency market exists on top of cutting-edge blockchain technology. It is widely accepted as the future of finance as we know it. Despite all that futurism, cryptocurrency investors still have to deal with a client service experience stuck in the last century.

After more than two decades of experience with online commerce, we have come to expect support on-demand as the norm. Yet bizarrely, none of the major centralized exchanges offer round-the-clock live support.

H2cryptO was born to make a difference in this sad state of affairs. Our clients enjoy 24/7 live support, 365 days a year. Regardless of your current location and the time of the day, you are guaranteed to get access to a trained human client service executive when you reach out to us for assistance.

Our staff is trained to provide friendly and empathetic service with a focus on speed and efficiency. It doesn’t matter if you have a basic query or an advanced troubleshooting request – our team is on hand to deliver results in a matter of minutes.

We empower our clients to make good investment choices when they are buying cryptocurrency assets. Unlike fiat currency transactions, the advantage of a cryptocurrency investment strategy is that client funds are secured via smart contracts.

Enjoy a Highly Secured Omnichannel Experience

With our state-of-the-art mobile app, you can manage your cryptocurrency holdings while on the move. The digital currency market is always awake – seasoned investors often have to make quick decisions about their crypto assets to capitalize on market volatility.

The H2cryptO mobile app, available on both iOS and Android, is fully equipped with all the features and functions a pro-crypto trader needs. Make one-click sales and purchases, check detailed order books, and use advanced tools to get maximum value out of your cryptocurrency investments.

You can also expect a stable virtual currency trading experience with H2cryptO. The app is heavily optimized to deliver fast transaction speeds and assured uptimes on par with the best in the business.

H2cryptO ensures full protection for your crypto holdings with industry-leading security features. This includes HTTPS certificates on all our web pages, a mandatory strong password policy, and Two-Factor Authentication.

Trade-in Your Chosen Cryptocurrencies with H2cryptO

We deeply understand how valuable cryptocurrency investments are to our clients. This is why so many investors have picked H2cryptO as their preferred cryptocurrency exchange. You can open an account within minutes and begin trading the moment your KYC/Funding account is set up and approved. Our user-friendly platform will enable you to manage your account with just a single click of a button. Sign up today to embark on your crypto trading and investment journey.