How can I buy/withdraw cryptocurrency using my bank account?

How can I buy cryptocurrency using my bank account?

Link your bank account to your H2cryptO account. This allows you to select your bank account as the payment method when you buy cryptocurrency. It will initiate an ACH transfer for the value of your purchase. Although you can start using the funds to buy and sell, they may not be immediately available for withdrawal from H2cryptO.

Before confirming your purchase, select Available to send off H2cryptO on our website or use the
H2cryptO app to select Available to withdraw on mobile.

Once your transaction is confirmed, your deposited fiat or purchased crypto will show up in your
H2cryptO wallet. You can buy, sell, or trade on H2cryptO immediately after your purchase.

When can I withdraw funds from H2cryptO? 

Before confirming a bank purchase or deposit, H2cryptO will notify you when it will be available to send. It will be labeled “Available to send off H2cryptO” on our website or “Available to withdraw” in the H2cryptO app. You will also have the option to send the funds instantly just before the bank transaction is processed.