What is Theta (THETA) and How to Buy

Theta is a blockchain-powered decentralized streaming service developed by Theta Labs.


What is Theta (THETA)

A native blockchain with an open-source protocol, Theta allows developers and partners to build decentralized applications on the network, as Ethereum does. It is a decentralized, peer-to-peer video delivery network powered by blockchain technology that enables free, high-bandwidth content delivery.

How to Buy Theta (THETA)

Theta was founded in mid-2017 by Mitch Liu, and Jieyi Long, who previously founded startups in mobile gaming and V.R. live streaming technologies. The Theta Network is a Blockchain specifically designed for improving creating, streaming, and consuming video content online. Theta has an ecosystem with tokens used in the network to incentivize users to act as peers who share computing resources and bandwidth with other participants. Theta incentivizes a decentralized network to operate a video streaming platform.

Where can I purchase Theta?

H2cryptO Exchange- Theta is purchased easily through a centralized exchange, such as H2cryptO. H2cryptO offers a simple interface within our H2cryptO web/mobile app, and we offer exceptional 24/7/365 live support. Please remember that once a cryptocurrency is lost, it can be difficult to recover.

Why buy THETA?

Theta is a streaming infrastructure for eSports, movies, education, and more. Theta is a perfect opportunity for creators to control their video content and a Cryptocurrency ecosystem to reward them. Theta will disrupt the current state of web2 content delivery networks and has solved the “last mile” data delivery problem previously encountered on platforms such as YouTube and Twitch.

Purchasing Theta on H2cryptO:

  1. Sign up for an H2cryptO account. Provide full name/surname, email address, and a unique password (12 characters minimum).
  2. Verify your H2cryptO account. Please submit all documentation for KYC verification.
  3. Once KYC has been approved, please deposit your fiat or cryptocurrency. You can do so by creating a wallet address then send funds to this address. Funding your account with fiat currency for trading can be completed by connecting your H2cryptO account through ACH, wire transfer, or credit card.
  4. Once the ACH, wire transfer, or credit card transaction has been completed, you can start buying THETA. You now will have the ability account to trade cryptocurrencies with 24/7/365 live client service support.


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